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Cloud-based 24-hour intelligent auto-response smart customer center chat. Resolve customer inquiries with a 24-hour automated response service that customizes a wide variety of automated response scenarios tailored to your enterprise. In addition to simple consulting, smart booking, customer satisfaction at a low price at once, the customer satisfaction level of the company will raise!



Split your chat screen to share your slideshow and chat at the same time! If you were concerned with data privacy before …No need to worry anymore. It is a MIST chat that disappears as soon as the other party confirms it.



Now you can simply use toottoot, the mobile community Group Net, in your family, friends, at work and at school. Internal network to protect personal information. Enjoy the same level of the service as compaies.



Simple! Quick! Share! Service! With a smartphone camera, you can take an advertisement leaflet and send it as a letter. It also supports registration and purchase of all products so that you can recommend and share your products with your friends.